Trading farmers

In the days of self-sufficiency people lived off the farm, but there were still a few things they needed to trade. The farmers travelled in a long convoy of sleighs in the winter, on so called trading trips.

One of the largest markets in Scandinavia was, and still is, held in Røros. In 1855, a few thousand people came to buy, trade, or sell products such as skins, salt, jewellery, flax and horses. Today, the market has more than 70 000 visitors every year. Skins and jewellery are still sold, but not much salt!

In the past, the market was a welcome interruption to everyday life, and for many it was a chance to meet people from other areas. Aquavit flowed and young people learned to dance Rørospols.

By the early 20th century, country roads and railroads reached further into the region and the snow routes became less important. The sleigh convoys stopped. But in 1981, a group of modern trading farmers travelled to Røros market from Klövsjö in Jämtland. Since then, the association Föreningen Forbonden gathers sleighs, horses and people every year to uphold the tradition, which was once an important part of life in Gränslandet and other regions.