Dairy production on the mountain holding. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.Dairy production on the mountain holding. Photo: Naturcentrum AB.


The old mountain farm Valdalsbygget is close to the Norwegian border. The Norwegian Per Perssen Lillebo and his wife Dordi moved here in the 1830s. In 1865, the family consisted of nine people, one horse, nine cows, ten sheep and four goats. Winter fodder for the animals was cut at Gammeldalen and Valdalsbygget and on the extensive bogs to the south. The family resided at Valdalbygget for three generations until 1922. After that, Valdalsbygget was used as summer pasture until 1958.

Now, Valdalsbygget is swarming with life again. On route to the farm you’re welcomed by the sound of mountain cattle bells. Goats run around the grey buildings all summer. The farm is well preserved. Almost all traditional farm buildings are here: dwelling-house, winter cattle shed, barns, stable, summer cattle shed and a small building by the stream, used to cool milk. The remains of a tar pit and an earth cellar are also found.

There are many exciting stories about Valdalsbygget. Inscribed on the walls are the names of soldiers who stayed in the area during World War II. The host family can tell you more about this and other interesting things about the area.

The farm is now owned by the Swedish National Property Board and is leased to a host family who carry out traditional mountain farming. They keep their animals here to graze in the summer, and run a small café where you can sample local produce. There is also a rest hut, open all year round.