New bridge in place

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During the summer the County Administrative Board of Jämtland has upgraded and restored 50 kilometres of trails in the Rogen area. This is part of the Administrative Board´s effort to increase the access in Rogen. New foot-bridges are in place and new trail-markings have been painted on. At the end of August, an 18 meter long new bridge over Rogsån-river, along the trail between Rogen-cabin and Storrödtjärn-cabin, was lifted into place. 


Spectacular transport

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Rogen is a real challange for the personel of the Administrative Board of Jämtland. Right now, material for new foot bridges is being flown out into the area by chopper.  



The Arctic fox – on its way back to Gränslandet

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The last 3-4 years have been exciting times for the arctic foxes in Scandinavia. The species is very threatened in both Sweden and Norway. Different support actions on both sides of the border together with two consecutive “lemming years” (2010 och 2011), have made it possible for this charming fox to reclaim areas where no foxes have been observed for decades, Femundsmarka is one such area.

We encourage everyone who sees an arctic fox to report the sighting to the relevant country´s authorities. Statens naturoppsyn in Norway or the County Administrative Board in Sweden.

The more information we have about the Arctic fox, the more we can do to help it survive.

fjellrev_sylan_2012_redigertFoto: Tom Johansen, SNO

Skiing in Gränslandet

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The winter so far has been quite cold, but there is still not much snow. Skiing is possible in some areas, but not in others. If you don´t want to risk damaging your skis on rocks protruding through the thin layer of snow wet areas and lakes are the best places to ski, The ice is thick, but you should always take precautions when skiing on frozen water.