Waiting for the snow

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View of Töfsingdalen national park in late oktober. There is still no snow but we are expecting it any day now. Photo: Veronica Nilsson

New bridge

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An old footbridge along the trail between Rödviken and Rogenstugan (Rogen cabin), have been fully renovated during the summer. The work was carried out by the County Administrative Board in Jämtland. Below you can see before and after pictures. 


Nice weather in Gränslandet too

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This summer has been really hot and dry even in the mountains. And therefore not as mosquitoes either. Here is a picture from Sörsjöns playa just south of Hävlingestugorna.

Preparing for summer

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Now is the time to prepare the trails for summer. New materials for footbridges is transported into place between Rödviken and Skedbrostugan in Rogen.