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Available beds at Hävlingen, Våndsjön and Särsjön winter 2019

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Single days in March, there are still cottages available at Hävlingen and Särsjön. The cottages at Våndsjön is fully covered throughout the season.

During Easter, week 16, all cottages are fully booked, except for two cottages in Särsjön that are vacant. Call the host if you are interested.
The Hävlingen cottages are open with a cabin host until the beginning of May, depending on the amount of snow. But from April 25, there is a snowmobile ban on Långfjället, and you have to go to Hävlingen with skis. Thus, most of the cottages are vacant after April 25 until closing sometime in May.
At Hävlingen there is also an unoccupied hostel that is rented per bed and night, SEK 200 / person, and it is open all year round.

Våndsjön summer 2019
The cabins at Våndsjön can only be booked full weeks from mid-June. Boat is included in the rent.
Available weeks in Våndsjön summer 2019: v. 25, v. 30, v.31, v.33 v.34 and v.35.

Hävlingen cottages summer 2019
The holiday cottages open for the summer in mid-June. There are plenty of places left. It's usually just getting past.

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