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Hävlingestugorna opens i end of february 2019

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The Hävlingen cottages in Långfjället opens at the end of week 8, 23-24 February.

There are five four-bed cottages and a six-bed cottage, all of which must be booked in advance. Sauna is available, and it can also be booked in advance. There is also an hiking cabin with eight beds who do not need to be booked.

At Hävlingen you can winter fish after char, trout, pike and perch. Dala mountain fishing cards are sold on the web via, or on site. You get here on skis or with snowmobiles from Grövelsjön.

See pictures from Hävlingen on instagram Hävlingestugorna (or Havlingen).

Read more about fishing in Långfjället and Hävlingen mountain cabins at:

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